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Why is the water not hot enough from the Artos F904A-VO valve?

Troubleshooting Insufficient Hot Water from Artos F904A-VO Valve

If you're experiencing lukewarm water from your Artos F904A-VO valve, consider these potential causes:

Incoming Hot Water Temperature

Verify that the incoming hot water temperature is at least 50°F higher than your desired mixed temperature. It's recommended to have a minimum of 170°F (maximum 185°F).


Remove the handle and turn the spindle counterclockwise as much as possible. Reattach the handle with the anti-scald button at the 9 o'clock position. Press the anti-scald button while placing it on the spindle.

Pressure/Flow Imbalance

An imbalance between cold and hot water pressure can affect the mixed temperature. Close the cold side service stops partially by turning them clockwise to achieve a balanced pressure and flow.

Additionally, if certain functions provide the desired temperature while others don't, it's possible that a function is plumbed to the bottom of the valve which is warned against in the installation manual. Refer to Step 1 to verify the reccomended plumbing.

F904A-VO Step 1

Addressing these factors can help ensure consistent and satisfying hot water from your Artos F904A-VO valve.

Updated on 25 Aug 2023