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Can I reposition the heating element from my Artos towel dryer?

Table of Contents

  1. Steps to Follow

If you're considering changing the position of the heating element on your Artos towel dryer, follow these instructions for a successful transfer. Please note that this process should be completed before installing the towel warmer on the wall. Additionally, if you're making this change to an Artos Lioni towel dryer, make sure to have an extra 1/2" blanking plug on hand. Reach out to customerservice@artos.us.com for further assistance with this.

Steps to Follow

  1. Prepare the Towel Dryer: Begin by turning the towel dryer upside down. This step is essential as the unit is filled with fluid.
  2. Remove Existing Heating Element: Utilize an adjustable wrench to carefully remove the current heating element from its position.
  3. Install 1/2" Blanking Plug: Insert the 1/2" blanking plug and securely tighten it into place.
  4. Position the Unit: Turn the towel dryer onto its opposite end, identifying the side where you'd like the heating element to be positioned.
  5. Replace Existing Plug: Using a 5/16" allen key, remove the existing plug from the chosen side. This will create space for the new heating element.
  6. Install New Heating Element: Insert the new heating element into the vacant space and firmly tighten it using an adjustable wrench.
  7. Final Steps: Turn the towel dryer back over. If desired, replace the 1/2" blanking plug with the plug removed from the bottom side earlier.

By following these step-by-step instructions, you can successfully change the position of the heating element on your Artos towel dryer. This process ensures a tailored configuration that meets your preferences and needs.

Updated on 24 Aug 2023