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How do I clean my matte black fixtures?

Maintaining Your Matte Black Fixtures: A Care Guide

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Matte black finishes offer a touch of sophistication and timeless elegance to your bathroom fixtures. To preserve that velvety appearance, here's how you can keep your fixtures looking fresh:

Cleaning Tips

  • Avoid Caustic Chemicals: Stay away from harsh chemicals like Limeaway or SoftScrub, as abrasive cleaners can damage the finish.
  • Handle with Care: Be cautious while using your faucets to prevent surface damage or scratches, especially from jewelry like rings. Just as a pristine car's finish needs proper care to avoid scratches, your fixtures do too.
  • Mild Cleaning Solution: Create a mixture using one part white vinegar, 1.5 to 2 parts warm water, and a generous squirt of Dawn Dish soap. Combine these in a spray bottle for routine cleaning, effectively removing white rings or droplet spots. Gently clean with a soft microfiber cloth using this solution.

Dealing with Water Scale

For more persistent water scale on your shower head, wrap a plastic bag filled with the above solution around the showerhead. Let it sit for a few hours to descale the nozzles and restore the clean black finish. Do not use more vinegar than water when cleaning to prevent the risk of damaging the finish.

ISO Bath (Lee C)15 (1)

Extending Faucet Longevity

Regardless of brand or finish, you can take simple steps to prolong your faucet's life:

  1. Regular Maintenance: A well-maintained, quality faucet can last 15-25 years. Look out for changes in flow patterns, which might indicate the need for maintenance.
  2. Adjust for Water Quality: The frequency of maintenance depends on factors like water quality and hardness in your area.

For further assistance or inquiries, don't hesitate to reach out to the Artos support team at customerservice@artos.us.com or (402) 397-3344.

Preserve the allure of your matte black fixtures with these care recommendations and enjoy their lasting beauty in your bathroom.

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Updated on 24 Aug 2023