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Why has my Artos F904A-VO valve cartridge separated while removing it?

Understanding Cartridge Separation in F904A-VO Valve: Causes and Solutions

Encountering a situation where the F904A-VO valve cartridge becomes dislodged during removal can be perplexing. The cartridge might have unscrewed while being extracted, leaving the outer casing within the valve. This situation can be Made worse by mineral deposits on the cartridge, making the extraction process challenging.

One effective approach involves working with the detached spindle component. By carefully grinding down the threads on this part, it can be threaded back into the outer casing without engaging the threads of the valve body. Subsequently, a gentle rotation and rocking motion can release the lodged piece. If you require the necessary threaded component, part number XP-12531, we can provide it for temporary use. This is shown in the image below. Following the successful removal of the broken piece, you can simply return it to us.

To complete the removal procedure for the remaining components, we reccomend grinding down the exterior threads. After this, you can securely screw the cartridge head back into the valve. This facilitates attachment to the shell, which comprises the fragment left within the valve.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us at customerservice@artos.us.com for assistance and guidance throughout the process.

F904-VO Threads

Updated on 24 Aug 2023