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What comes included with my Artos towel dryer?

Your Artos towel dryer, whether hardwired or plug-in, arrives equipped with essential components:

Common to All Versions

  • Preinstalled Heating Element (SKU: 300W) - This heating element can be replaced when necessary.
  • Mounting Brackets and Hardware (SKU: MH15) - These accessories facilitate secure installation.

Exclusive to Hardwired Towel Dryers

  • Programmable Timer (SKU: GX96) - Enhance functionality with a timer for precision operation.




  • Hardwire Kit (SKU: MX15) - This decorative trim piece ensures a polished appearance for a cleaner and more refined look.




Please Note: Plug-in models are not compatible with the programmable timer due to their design.

Important Note: For the M11175W and M17245W models, both plug-in and hardwired versions feature a 400W heating element.

Enjoy the convenience and enhanced features of your Artos towel dryer, complete with the necessary components for efficient operation.

Updated on 24 Aug 2023