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How do I clean my chrome and brushed nickel fixtures?

Dealing with water spots and calcium buildup on your elegant chrome or brushed nickel fixtures can be frustrating. But fear not, we have the tips and tricks to help you maintain that shiny new look for your bathroom and kitchen fixtures year after year. Follow these guidelines to keep your fixtures looking their best.

Preventive Maintenance: The Best Defense

The first line of defense against tarnishing and buildup is simple yet effective: regular preventive maintenance. After each use, take a few seconds to wipe down your chrome fixtures with a dry towel or soft rag. This quick routine not only maintains their sparkle but can also save you from spending hours scrubbing later.

Handling Minor Calcium Build-Up

If you spot a minor calcium build-up on your chrome and brushed nickel fixtures, don't worry. Flitz cleaner and polish come to the rescue. This specialized product is designed to gently remove the unsightly residue without harming the finish. Follow the instructions on the product for optimal results.

Taking on Stubborn Build-Up

For more stubborn calcium deposits that seem unwilling to budge, consider turning to Bar Keeper's Friend powder or spray cleaner. This heavy-duty solution can tackle even the toughest build-up. However, exercise caution—it's potent. To prevent accidental damage, use only a small amount at a time. Overusing Bar Keeper's Friend can potentially scratch the fixtures or remove the finish, so apply it judiciously.

A Word of Caution: Protect Your Fixtures

Remember, while Bar Keeper's Friend can be a powerful ally, it should be used with care. Apply only the necessary amount to clean the fixtures without harming them. Using too much might lead to scratches or even damage the finish. Protect your fixtures by using small doses and a gentle touch.

Bonus: Watch the Cleaning Video

To further guide you through the process, we've provided a helpful video below. This visual guide will demonstrate step by step how to maintain the pristine appearance of your bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

With these simple yet effective methods, you can effortlessly uphold the shine of your chrome and brushed nickel fixtures, ensuring they remain the highlight of your home for years to come.

Updated on 25 Aug 2023