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Can I install my towel dryer with the heating element facing up?

While installing your Artos towel dryer, it's imperative to adhere to the correct orientation of the heating element. Under no circumstances should users install the towel dryer with the heating element facing upwards. Doing so can lead to several issues that affect the functionality and safety of the unit.

Consequences of an Incorrect Installation

Incomplete Submersion: When the heating element is installed facing upwards, it won't be fully submerged in the propylene glycol fluid within the towel dryer. As a result, the unit won't heat properly, compromising its functionality.

Buzzing Noise: An incorrect installation can trigger a loud buzzing sound emanating from the heating element. This noise not only disturbs the environment but also indicates that the unit is not functioning as intended.

Overheating and Malfunction: The heating element, when improperly installed facing upwards, can overheat due to insufficient contact with the fluid. This can lead to malfunction, potential damage to the unit, and safety hazards.

The Correct Installation Method

To avoid these issues and ensure the optimal performance and safety of your Artos towel dryer, always follow the instruction manual's guidance. The heating element should be positioned at the bottom of the unit, submerged in the propylene glycol fluid. This configuration guarantees efficient heating and prevents the risks associated with an incorrect installation.

In conclusion, while installing your Artos towel dryer, remember that the heating element should never face upwards. Proper orientation, as indicated in the instruction manual, is vital for optimal functioning, safety, and longevity of the unit. By following these guidelines, you can enjoy a reliable and efficient towel drying experience.

Updated on 24 Aug 2023