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Why are open waterfall tub spouts not available in matte black?


Open waterfall tub spouts are beloved for their elegant design and soothing water flow. However, their availability is typically limited to chrome and brushed nickel finishes, raising questions about the absence of matte black options. This article explores the reasons behind this restriction and highlights the durability concerns related to matte black finishes on open waterfall tub spouts.

Matte Black Finishes and Water Exposure

While matte black finishes have gained popularity in modern interior design, they pose challenges when applied to open waterfall tub spouts due to their constant exposure to flowing water. Unlike chrome and brushed nickel finishes, matte black surfaces are more susceptible to water spots, mineral deposits, and staining over time when subjected to continuous water flow.

Abrasion and Wear

Water carries tiny particles and minerals that can subtly wear down surfaces over time. The ongoing water flow over a matte black-finished open waterfall tub spout could lead to micro-abrasions and gradual wear, diminishing the appearance of the finish. In contrast, chrome and brushed nickel finishes are better equipped to withstand such effects.


Despite the appeal of matte black finishes in modern design, practicality and durability concerns make them less suitable for open waterfall tub spouts. The continuous water flow could lead to quicker wear and compromise the finish's aesthetics. Chrome and brushed nickel finishes continue to be the preferred choices, ensuring a luxurious bathing experience that lasts.

Updated on 28 Aug 2023