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Why is the diverter handle hard to turn on the Artos F943-VO valve?

If the diverter handle on the F943-VO is stiff or difficult to turn, there is an easy fix.


Step 1: Remove both handles and trim plate securing nuts.

Step 2: Remove the trim plate from the wall.

Step 3: Remove the outer and inner spindles for the diverter

Step 4: Slightly loosen the diverter cartridge securing nut to ease the pressure being placed upon the cartridge.

Step 5: Place the spindles back on.

Step 6: Test the stiffness with the diverter handle before reassembling.

Step 7: Reassemble, or loosen diverter cartridge securing nut further if necessary.


The diverter cartridge securing nut is circled below.



Updated on 24 Aug 2023