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How do I increase the flow on my Artos F402-2 tub filler?

Under usual circumstances, it's worth noting that adjustments to the flow rate of your Artos F402-2 waterfall tub filler are typically unnecessary. The tub filler is engineered to provide a generous flow rate of 12 gallons per minute (GPM). However, should you decide to proceed, please be aware that Artos cannot be held responsible for any potential damage that may occur to the tub filler during this process.

To increase the flow rate on your Artos F402-2 waterfall tub filler, please adhere to the following steps:

  • Carefully detach the threaded pipe located at the bottom of the tub filler. You may require an adjustable wrench to grip the flat sections securely.

  • Once the threaded pipe has been removed, the aerator/flow restrictor will become accessible.


  • Proceed to unthread and remove the aerator.

  • Reassemble the components, ensuring that the threaded pipe is securely tightened.

Please proceed with caution, keeping in mind that this action is typically unnecessary due to the already generous 12 GPM flow rate provided by your Artos F402-2 tub filler.

Updated on 02 Oct 2023