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How do I increase the flow rate of my Artos FS310 faucet?

If you're seeking to boost the flow rate of your Artos FS310 faucet, consider the following steps:

Check Flow Restrictor

A change in water pressure might be due to a blocked flow restrictor. Before replacing the cartridge, inspect the flow restrictor as it can impact pressure. It's crucial to address any blockages first.

Clean or Remove Flow Restrictor

The flow restrictor can be cleaned or removed if desired. The flow restrictor is highlighted in yellow at the base of the spout and hose junction (refer to the diagram). To access it, the tee connection (part 13) needs to be removed.

Inspect and Clean Aerator

The aerator at the spout's tip can also affect flow. While cleaning the mesh-designed aerator can be challenging, replacements are available at local hardware stores.

If these steps do not lead to increased pressure, consider replacing the cartridges. Prioritize these measures to achieve optimal flow performance from your Artos FS310 faucet.

Updated on 25 Aug 2023