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What are Artos towel dryers made of?

Efficient Heating

Our towel dryers are ingeniously engineered to offer effective heat retention and long-term durability through a unique composition. These units consist of two layers of nickel and an additional layer of chromium, combining to create a structure that excels in heat distribution and resilience.


The manufacturing process of our towel dryers reflects a strong commitment to sustainability. By harnessing the capabilities of advanced automated decorative chrome plating techniques, we minimize environmental impact and resource usage while maximizing production efficiency.

Environmental Protection

Emphasizing our dedication to eco-conscious practices, our manufacturing process deliberately avoids substances that are known to result in harmful byproducts. This conscientious approach helps mitigate potential adverse effects on the environment, reinforcing our responsibility towards the planet.

Exploring Steel Grade Specifications:

Round Pipe (E220+CR2S3)

Our towel dryers feature round pipes crafted from E220+CR2S3 steel grade. This particular steel grade ensures not only durability but also contributes to the overall robustness of the product.

Semioval Pipe 40x30x1.5 (E260+CR2S3)

The semioval pipe variant, sized at 40x30x1.5, is constructed from E260+CR2S3 steel grade. This choice of steel further underscores our commitment to delivering products that are not only functional but built to withstand the test of time.

Choose our thoughtfully designed towel dryers to enhance your heating needs while aligning with sustainable principles. Experience the perfect blend of efficiency, resilience, and environmental mindfulness.

Updated on 24 Aug 2023