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Why does my Artos Quarto faucet handle not stay open?

If your Artos Quarto lavatory faucet handle doesn't stay open, there could be two reasons:

  1. The top nut beneath the handle isn't tight enough
  2. The faucet cartridge needs replacement.

Follow these steps for solutions:

To start, locate the set screw on the back of the handle. Use an Allen key to loosen this small screw.



Once the set screw is loosened, remove the handle (part #3) and dress ring (part #4). This reveals the cartridge (part #6) and securing nut (part #5).


For tightening the nut, utilize a 1 3/32'' socket. Refer to the video link for visual assistance: YouTube Video

If tightening the nut does not fix the issue, a cartridge replacement is required. You can order the replacement cartridge directly from our website here: https://artos.us.com/products/xp-12980 

These instructions will help you address the issue effectively.

Updated on 25 Aug 2023