How to Improve the Longevity of Your Faucet

When you finally get to use your new bathroom faucet for the first time it's such an exciting feeling! Especially if you spent a ton of time planning, designing, and reconstructing your bathroom.

Usually, the moment when the fixtures are installed means your bathroom project is almost complete! Congratulations if this is the stage you are at. If you have simply replaced your faucet there's still nothing like using the shiny "new" faucet.

Now imagine with me a few weeks have gone by and you and your family have been using the bathroom multiple times a day. Your faucet has been put to good use. You walk into your bathroom and think back to that ecstatic feeling with your "new" faucet.

Now that some time has gone by you want to be sure your faucet investment is going to last and stay looking brand new through many many years of use. Is there anything you can do to improve the longevity of your faucet?

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  • How long do faucets usually last?
  • How do I keep my faucet looking new?
  • Check out three simple tips to extend the lifetime of your faucet.

How Long Do Faucets Last?

"Water with limescale leads to greater damage to plumbing. Minerals accumulate around drains, faucets, and various joints and damage them, requiring a change in most water installations and cartridges.

You can tell if a faucet cartridge is bad by checking whether the water is dripping from the faucet. When a faucet cartridge goes bad, it becomes difficult for you to adjust the water temperature, and cold water can enter the hot water outlets."

- Written by Hubert Milesin Plumbing Last Updated January 19, 2021.

From our research, a good quality faucet that is well maintained should last between 15-25 years.

How do you know if you need maintenance on your faucet?

A good rule of thumb is if you notice a change in your flow pattern. Usually, this is a pretty abrupt and obvious issue as the water will start spraying rather than being aerated with a nice flow. 

Maintenance on the faucet's needs may vary based on a few factors such as the general quality of water in the area you are located and the hardness of the water.

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3 simple tips to extend the life of your faucet

  1. Wipe the finish down after use and keep it dry dry
  2. Take out the aerator (flush the aerator) 
  3. Use Flitz polish to keep it brand new (be sure to check your faucet's finish warranty before 
    applying any cleaner to your fixture for example do NOT use Flitz polish on black fixtures)

More Tips:

  • know the warranty of the fixture you are going to buy and what it means
  • See if the faucet brand offers replacement parts if the fixture if it's acting up

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