Guide to buying bathroom fixtures online

Whether designing or re-evaluating a new bathroom project, the task of selecting fixtures can initially seem pretty overwhelming. With the demand for remodels continuing to increase in 2021, how do I start looking for fixtures online?

  • How much money should I spend, what's the average cost of remodeling a bathroom?
  • Should I buy from a showroom directly or buy online?
  • Can I trust buying bathroom fixtures online without seeing them?

How to get started: Know what you are looking for

The best piece of advice we have gotten is to "know what you are looking for."

By this, we mean you have a clear outline of the project, not only in your head but written out on paper. Having a clear image of the shower configuration, overall bathroom space, and pieces you'd like to include will better help direct your focus. 

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How to accomplish this: 

  • Have a drawing or outline of the project.
  • List out ALL the fixtures needed 
See the list example here. A good place to start if you are replacing your existing fixtures is to determine if you'd like to keep your existing setup or not. Are you in need of adding a tub filler or a handheld wand?  Take a look at these common shower configurations to help guide your bathroom fixture selection  - How to Choose Shower Fixtures

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Finalizing your selections & determining your budget

If you are unsure of a few things at this point, no worries just piece together the information you can about your project. The internet is a vast library of tips, inspiration, as well as good and not-so-good advice. 

Once you have a good understanding of the fixtures you are looking for to complete your bathroom project, you might be wondering how to determine how much to spend on fixtures online. How do you know if you are overspending or underspending? Here are some common tips and cost breakdowns for bathroom fixtures.

How much do I need to remodel a bathroom? - "The average cost to remodel a bathroom is $5,500, but the range is from $4,500-50,000+." - 

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What are the advantages & disadvantages
of ordering online?

Can I trust ordering bathroom fixtures online without seeing them?  

  • Ordering your products online offers many obvious perks.
    The advantages of getting high-quality information about the product and in-depth reviews are continuing to increase as the market continues to switch to a consumer age. There are more images, videos, specs, customer reviews, and other relevant information available online about a product than ever before. Depending on where you order from you will also be able to get the product directly delivered to your doorstep in a short window of time. 

  • There are some obvious disadvantages to consider when ordering online.
    While price comparison shopping it is important to be wary of fraudulent sites or companies who are offering a "too good to be true" price on the product you are researching. Ordering online can also seem very impersonal, and without being able to physically hold the product you aren't always 100% assured of what you are getting. Also, another huge point to consider is if you run into any complications with your order, you're pretty much by yourself and have to figure out how to remedy it. Ordering online may cause major headaches, just be sure to research the company or site you are ordering from is validated and answers any questions you have about potential delays. 

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Should I order directly from a showroom
or shop online?

  • The advantages of buying directly from a showroom are vast.
    Many have special discounts on products that are worked out with the brand, so you may already be getting the best discount available. Many showrooms also work with industry-leading plumbers, contractors, and designers who offer great insight on more than just the fixture selection aspect of the job. Showrooms serve as a trusted resource throughout the project. They usually offer a more "hands-on" experience even in today's restricted age where you can schedule an appointment to physically go touch and feel the products. 

It's not a one size fits all model here on whether you should the product directly from a showroom or price shop the product online. Many fixture brands have associated dealers, or showrooms, across the country that receive special pricing discounts for carrying and displaying their products. Not all brands offer direct sales on their website. With the relationship usually strong between brands and their respective showrooms, they may advise you to buy directly from a showroom located closest to you, but it never hurts to ask customer support. 

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Remodeling your bathroom can be an exciting project to undergo. Whether you choose to hire a contractor or tackle it yourself, ordering fixtures online can seem like a daunting task.

With remodels increasing and more and more products being available to purchase from the comfort of your home, we hope our tips and guide to buying fixtures online will help direct you to move forward with your project.

Blog summary:

  1. Know what you are looking for
    Determine the fixtures needed for your project. Fixture Selection Guide and also have a written outline of your project. 

  2. Know your budget
    "The average cost to remodel a bathroom ranges from $4,500-9,000." -
  3. What are the advantages & disadvantages of ordering online?
    Advantages are increased consumer reviews and availability online. Buying from the comfort of your home. Disadvantages of ordering online range from fraudulent sites, lack of support on orders if one runs into issues. 

  4. Is it better to buy directly from a showroom or order online? 
    This depends on the availability of the product and the brands' relationship with showrooms. Many showrooms and brands work together to determine the best possible price available to consumers. 

Do you have any advice for buying bathroom fixtures online?

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