Do you need a Towel Dryer for your bathroom?

Say goodbye to your damp, dirty towel harboring germs. So, you've been researching towel dryers, also known as towel warmers and you aren't sure what all the fuss is about. Many questions are surrounding this bathroom style piece, can I use a towel dryer for just a towel, what about my robe? How much do they cost? Are they hard to keep clean? Let's dive into 14 of the most frequently asked questions surrounding towel dryers as well as some general tips regarding this product.


3 uses for towel dryers

Not only do many consider a towel dryer a staple piece in every master bathroom, but there's a few surprising multi-purpose uses for them. First and foremost functionally it is used for keeping towels soft, clean, hygienic, and air-dried;

1. Can serve as a secondary heat source for your bathroom (many come with a programmable time so you can control when the towel dryer is heating - details below)

  • Hydronic, 
  • Plugin
  • Electronic

2. Warm or dry your delicate items of clothing

Not only are they functional, but they can also serve as a showstopper design element in your next bathroom project. Installing a towel dryer in your bathroom will help cut down on the number of washes your towel needs and will always provide you with a soft, clean, and hygienic towel.

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How To Clean Towel Warmers

Care and Maintenance

For best results, keep the following in mind to retain the high-quality
finish of your ARTOS towel dryer:

  • Use a soft, dampened sponge or cloth and hot water to remove any water spots or mild residue.
  • On no account should you use an abrasive material such as a brush, scouring pad, or steel wool to clean the surface
  • Polish with a soft dry cloth
If stubborn stains/spots persist on the finish, we recommend a polish such as Flitz Metal Polish; also to be applied according to mfg. directions and with a soft cloth.

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Top 14 Questions About Towel Dryers

1. What is the main purpose of a heated towel rack?

Ensure that your towels are always warm, dry, and fresh when you need them instead of cold, damp and unhygienic.

2. Can I leave it on 24/7?

Absolutely, they are designed to work this way. There is an internal thermostat so that it is not using electricity all the time.

3. What temperature do they operate at?

The heating element has an internal thermostat to keep fluid approximately 130 F.

4. How can I tell if the temperature is correct?

After allowing the unit to heat for ½ hour or so you shouldn’t be able to grasp the upper bars for more than 2 or 3 seconds before having to let go.

5. How warm will the towels get?

An ideal temperature for a warmed towel is around 110F to 120F. This is slightly warmer than your skin temperature when you emerge from a shower.

This ensures a comfortable transition from 100F (the water temperature which your skin equalizes with) to a 70F room whilst you are drying. Please note, by design the towel will not feel hot to the touch (like it would directly from a dryer) especially when you are dressed and dry.

The aim is to remain comfortable and relaxed. Whilst a hot towel is pleasant, it increases thermal shock when removed. A warm towel maintains your comfort.

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6. How long should I leave the unit on to dry the towel?

If you are using a programmable timer we suggest that it is leB on for an hour or so.

7. Why are the lowest rails cooler than the top rails?

All fluid-filled towel warmers operate on a convex; current. The heating element causes the fluid inside the towel warmer to circulate which means the top rails will be the hottest, and each rail below will be slightly cooler. The very bottom rail will not heat.

8. May I use a towel dryer as a heating source for my bathroom?

Yes, the towel dryer may be used as a secondary heat source for your bathroom.

9. What clothing items can I put on the towel dryer? 

You can place any clothing item on the towel dryer to either warm it up or dry it off. Some people love using the lower rails of a towel dryer to warm up their delicate clothing items. 


How much do towel dryers cost?

Towel dryers can range from $150-$5,500 depending on the brand, how it's made, the energy source, it's durability, and installation type (more on this later). There are a few points to consider when it comes to pricing. The cheaper models, just like anything else, will be tempting with a lower price tag - but usually lack the industry standards or warranty to provide a long-lasting product. Read more about whether towel dryers are worth the cost.

While there are many different models and styles for towel dryers from various manufacturers, heating towels after use is the main usage. Say goodbye to your damp, dirty towel harboring germs. Installing a towel dryer in your bathroom will help cut down on the number of washes your towel needs and will always provide you with a soft, clean, and hygienic towel. 

How do you use your towel dryer in your home?

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