Year in Review: Six design trends we saw in 2023

At Artos, we take pride in keeping pace with the latest styles and leading the charge with innovative solutions. So, as we begin to say goodbye to another successful year of delivering head-turning designs at jaw-dropping prices, join us as we reflect on the trends that defined the past 12 months.

In this blog, we look over the Artos 2023 best sellers and discover the design trends that have captivated our customers and set the tone for a year of style and sophistication.

1. Dark and Moody Hues: The Matte Black Magic

An understated yet impactful finish, matte black stood out in 2023, with customers selecting more than 50% of our best-selling products in this finish. This trend reflects the move towards more intense and captivating color schemes inside modern homes and the possibility for designers and homeowners to use bold colors to set the tone of a space.

Modern and minimalist, our bestselling Modern Kitchen Faucet with Pulldown Spray is a masterpiece in matte black. This versatile faucet can elevate classic and innovative kitchen designs with a magnetic pull-down spray, solid brass construction, and a 90° forward-rotating handle.

2. Sustainability: Efficiency is Everything

According to new research from Houzz, the eco-conscious revolution continues, with the vast majority of homeowners opting for sustainable features during kitchen and bathroom renovations (92% and 87%, respectively).

At Artos, we pay special attention to our plumbing fixtures' water efficiency, ensuring they deliver the most indulgent experiences using the least water. 

Look out for water-saving features, including premium flow aerators, pressure-regulating rubber membranes in our shower heads, and our California-compliant diverter valves.

3. Smart Spaces: A Seamless Blend of Innovation and Style

In the ever-evolving landscape of home innovation, kitchen and bathroom technologies have seamlessly woven efficiency and convenience into the fabric of daily living.

While smart thermostats are used to optimize towel dryers and heated flooring for energy use in the bathrooms, touch-activated faucets like our Trova Touch Modern Kitchen Faucet add a statement of innovation, efficiency, and style to the kitchen.

As the home becomes increasingly intelligent and interconnected, these tech trends contribute to efficiency and enhance the overall experience of daily life.

4. Freestanding Tubs and Fillers: Luxury At Home


Bathrooms continued to transform into sanctuaries of indulgence throughout 2023, focusing on freestanding tubs and unique bathroom designs that create an at-home spa experience.

Our Round Floor Mount Tub Filler Trim Kit adds timeless sophistication to luxurious bathroom design. Its crisp, unfussy shape reflects a modern aesthetic and offers total design freedom.

Meanwhile, our Classic Floor Mount Tub Filler presents a more vintage allure for freestanding tubs. It seamlessly blends volume and temperature control and adds a customizable touch to high-end bathroom spaces.

5. Round Details: Soft, Flowing Elegance

In a departure from sharp, angular lines, this year saw a surge in the popularity of round design elements, with best-selling bathroom accessories like the Trova Round Robe Hook and Trova Round Towel Bar reflecting a move towards soft, flowing home designs.

Beyond aesthetics, this design philosophy champions elegance, space optimization, versatility, timelessness, and symbolic harmony.

6. Luxurious Metallics: Satin Brass Elegance

Metals have also had a revival in 2023, and we did see a trend in muted metallics, like satin brass, becoming more popular in 2023.

Our Round In-Wall Single Handle Lavatory Faucet is a testament to luxury in this soft metallic finish. Crafted through a cutting-edge PVD process, it promises to add warmth and a touch of glamor to any space. At Artos, we believe in making a statement with every detail – and our satin brass range does just that.

Looking Ahead

From the magnetic allure of matte black to the eco-conscious charm of our rainhead showers, these trends indicate a focus on sustainability, personalization, and comfort in design throughout 2023.

As we reflect on these trends, we're not just looking back; we envision a future where Artos continues to lead the charge, offering innovative solutions that redefine how we experience our living spaces.

Here's to another year of style, sophistication, and the unwavering commitment to elevating your everyday moments — cheers to the artistry of design and the promise of what's to come in the year ahead.

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