Smart Design for Reduced Water Consumption

Whether they’re motivated by cost savings, a desire for luxury living in the face of finite resources, concern for the environment – or all three - more people than ever before are seeking out ways to make their homes more efficient.

In the wider sense, this might mean installing renewable energy technology, or insulating homes more effectively – but what role can washroom design play in the creation of a more sustainable home?FS311CH High Contrast

Why water matters

Saving water is a key concern for many homeowners in the US simply because it’s a resource not all states can take for granted. In drought-prone regions, there are strict controls on water consumption and the type of fixtures homeowners can install – but nationwide, there’s a growing awareness that water is something we should all be trying to conserve.

The average American family uses 300 gallons of water every day, with a surprising 70 percent of this being utilised inside the home. 40 US states anticipate water shortages by 2024, with many already experiencing significant droughts. In California, stringent rules are already in place – each person is only permitted to use 55 gallons of water indoors.

With that said, few homeowners want to compromise on the kind of luxury experiences we’ve all come to expect from our bathrooms – a satisfying flow from our faucets or the luxurious feeling of a rainfall shower head. The good news is that thanks to clever design, it’s perfectly possible for today’s homes to deliver both – here’s a look at how:


Low-flow showering

While a shower can be quick and functional, it can also be a decadent, spa-like experience – especially when you have a luxurious shower setup with fixed and handheld shower heads, and wall mounted body jets!  But multiple water outlets mean high water consumption – unless you also install the correct shower valve.

FS311CH High Contrast

Our F973NSVO shower valve was designed specifically to comply with water consumption legislation in California.  It’s a triple outlet, thermostatically-controlled shower diverter valve that allows the user to switch between overhead, handheld and massaging body jets, keeping water consumption to a minimum while delivering a luxurious shower experience.

All Artos shower heads are also fitted with a 2.0 gallon per minute restrictor as standard, and have a rubber matrix inside the solid brass fixture that automatically pressurizes the water flow.  This means the user gets water output from all the nozzles even with a low-flow valve installed, and regardless of the shower head angle.


Faucet aerators

A faucet aerator is a simple device that fits onto the outlet of almost any faucet, usually made from plastic or mesh, that mixes the flow of water with air.  The effect is that the water flow feels fuller and more pressurised, while the stream is also more consistent and less ‘splashy’.  It creates a feeling for the user of more water, even when the flow is restricted, resulting in lower water consumption without compromising on experience.

Artos lav faucets are fitted with a standard 1.2 GPM restrictor and a built-in aerator for a luxurious experience that’s compliant with California plumbing code.  


Sensor faucets

Did you know that you can use as much as four gallons of water just to brush your teeth if you leave the faucet running?  Leaving the faucet running too long is a key contributor to water wastage, especially in kids’ bathrooms where little ones may forget to shut the flow off.

FS311CH High Contrast

Installing a sensor faucet is a simple and effective fix that’s ideal for powder rooms, secondary bathrooms and kids’ washrooms.  The water flow starts when you pass your hands in front of the infra-red beam, and runs for a fixed amount of time (usually 1 minute) before shutting off automatically.  Our sensor faucets are fitted with flow restrictors and aerators as standard for even greater efficiency.


Buy well, buy once

At Artos, we’re passionate about sustainable design that allows homeowners to create their dream bathroom while also preserving our planet’s natural resources.  We believe quality is an important part of this commitment, which is why our fixtures are manufactured using solid brass and designed to give many years of beautiful, practical performance – without breaking the bank.

To find out more about our sustainable, affordable and high-quality products, or to become an Artos dealer, get in touch

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